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Playful Pooches

Your best bud, your pal, your   sidekick…this is one family member who is always happy to see you,   unconditionally! At Global Pet Foods, we think that’s pretty doggone special.   Your relationship with your dog is near and dear to our hearts, too.   Mealtime, playtime, bath time, naptime – we’ve got everything you need to   keep your biggest fan feeling fit, frisky and fabulous for years to come.Chow   Time.                                                                      
You love your dog from the inside out! We do too. That’s why we specialize in   natural, raw, holistic and organic pet foods and supplements. Our premium and   national brands, plus our own “Nature’s Harvest”   store brand, are nutritious and delicious. Check   out our brand choices for dogs here.

Toys,   Tricks & Treats.
We have a variety of toys and tugs for dogs of all ages and sizes. For those   of you who love to train your new puppy or teach your old dog new tricks, we   offer a wide range of products to help you train your clever companion – and   wholesome, natural treats to reward your “good dog!”

Sitting   Pretty.
Whether you outfit your diva in “Gucci or Prada” clothing or prefer   the au natural “birthday suit”, good hygiene gives “smelling   like a dog” a new meaning. We offer grooming aids, canine care products,   trendy collars and fashionable clothing to keep your dog squeaky clean and   looking fine.

Creature   Comforts.
Everyone needs their own space…even your dog. From home-sweet-home beds in   all styles, shapes and patterns to a variety of portable crates, exercise pens and vehicle   barriers, we make it easy for you to create a private space for your dog no   matter where you go.


Only the   best for your best friend!


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