Cool Cats

Cool Cats


It’s   good to be the King…or Queen. And to all of you cat lovers who are   “permitted” to love and care for a regal feline, we salute you!   These ever-loyal companions are independent, affectionate, aloof, finicky, frisky, pouty, playful – and love to call the shots. At Pet’s Deli & Aberfoyle Pet Supplies, we have everything you need to keep your cat healthy – and keep you stocked with whatever your fickle feline desires!

Feed Me

Your cat expects a worthy feast…nothing but the best will do. That’s why we  specialize in natural, raw, holistic and organic pet foods and supplements.   Our premium and national brands, plus our own home made store brand meat loaves, are nutritious – and sure to please even the most finicky cat! *Ask in store for a free meat loaf sample today.

Entertain Me

Be prepared when your feline summons the royal jester (that’s you). Our impressive selection of cat treats and toys includes those with Cat Nip, those without, interactive and toys with strings, balls, mice and more!  Trust us, Samson’s had and tried them all.

Admire Me

For those unexpected moments when you are allowed to groom and bedazzle your fluffy friend without too much drama, we have grooming products, dental products, worm, flea & tick care and trendy collars & leads.  Those of us without the hair, a gorgeous coat with a line of fur is just as pleasing than those kitty’s that require some hair teasing.

Leave Me Alone

Cats adore their privacy – and having their own furnished cat tree or penthouse, or both, is ideal. From cat house to cat trees to fashion crates to interactive furniture and comfy beds, we have it all.  What we don’t have, we will source and happily stock in store.

Meet me

There are times you will find Samson in store, head over to facebook and find out some more.


We regularly have adoption pets in store on Saturday’s for the purpose of meet and greet.  At no time can an animal be taken from the store.  A procedure is in place which is strict and with firm guidelines that meet our very strong moral ethics regarding the sale of animals in stores.  Do not hesitate to come in and see the surrender animals looking for their forever homes.