Assorted Small Animals

Assorted Small Animals

When it comes to pets, we understand that one size…or shape or species, does not fit all. And at Pet’s Deli & Aberfoyle Pet Supplies, we happen to think that’s pretty cool. Whether you flip over fish, go bonkers for birds, get ridiculous about rabbits, are gooey for or guinea pigs, we offer everything you need to keep your pet friend healthy and happy…no matter who, or what, they are.

Small Animal Delights

We offer a variety of nutritious options for all of these lovable pets!

Little friends

We carry specialty foods and treats for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Mice, Rats and anything in between.

Fine feathered friends

We carry specialty foods and treats for Canaries, Cockatiels, Budgies, Finches, Parakeet, Parrots, Pigeons and Wild Bird Seed.

Friends with scales

We carry a variety of fish food for Goldfish, Tropical and Saltwater Fish as well as specialty foods and treats for reptiles such as Lizards, Snakes and Turtles.

Small Animals Play Too

You know that’s true! Furry ones love tunnels and spinning, fish like swimming and hiding, reptiles explore and climb. We offer a selection of toys  and terrain accessories sure to keep your fun-loving small animal entertained!

Small Animals Habitats

No matter where your unique small animal friend likes to live, we have assorted cages, aquariums and habitat accessories to help you create a home-sweet-home for your special pet.

Scales and feathers and more fur, oh my!

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