The popularity of South Australian businesses, Australian owned and run, providing preservative, colour and additive-free pet foods is growing in Australia.

The owners and managers of Pet’s Deli and Aberfoyle Pet Supplies said it should come as no surprise that the Pet’s Deli chose the Commonwealth Bank and Coles shopping center complex for its store and Aberfoyle Pet Supplies chose Manning Road at Aberfoyle Park.

Aberfoyle Pet Supplies was opened in 2009 and the Pet’s Deli store was opened in April 2011.

Garry, owner of Plympton, said we are modeled on our mother store Aberfoyle Pet Supplies and with loads of hard work from the owner of the Aberfoyle store and a combination of our location with the shopping complex that has the combination of a high traffic volume on the busy Anzac Highway and Marion Road intersection as well as such tenants as Intimode, Commonwealth Bank, Coles, Newspower and Chemart and their customers that also happen to be avid pet lovers which has helped in our ongoing success.

Brandon advises that Aberfoyle has its strong customer base which has been built up over the years whilst the home made meat loaf sells itself.  Come in any time for a free sample if you would like to give us a try.

Karina, manager of Pet’s Deli, said people increasingly splurge on pets, and additive-free food is likely to be a hit given that health consciousness is not restricted to the human families.

“Pets are undeniably family now. Just as we are eating more healthy, we should want the same for our pets,” she said.

“I’m glad to see a new natural pet food store open in North Plympton so I don’t have to buy pet food with preservatives and artificial colours from supermarkets anymore,” said Eugene, a dog owner and regular customer.

Aberfoyle Pet’s Supplies was founded in Aberfoyle Park in 2009, Garry said. The family businesses began it’s expansion four years ago and the two stores ran independently from one another within the one family.




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